Taboo Taboo Brighton: Taboo has established itself as a genre-defining Brighton retail experience. This has been reflected in ecstatic customer feedback and plaudits from the erotic trade press for the decor, the range, quality & value of products.
kfs logo KFS TV: Launched in beta on 1st February and with its public launch on 1st May 2016, KFS TV is a worldwide internet TV channel, which you can view 24/7, on almost any device, from your TV set to your laptop, Mac, PC, tablet and smartphone. Celebrating alternative sexuality with humour, integrity and style, you will find documentaries, feature films, fashion, interviews, nightlife – all kinds of programmes covering BDSM, fetish, swinging, bisexuality, cabaret, burlesque, bondage, cross dressing and more.CEO is Tim Woodward, who founded Skin Two magazine in 1984, has hosted fetish events in the UK, USA and Australia, made a film, published books and launched the KFS Magazine.
FetishWeb FetishWeb: At last! A fetish web company who already talk your language and who understand that there are lots more flavours than vanilla!
Club Spank: Celebrate the sartorial wonders of fetish, fantasy and kink, skin art, gothic glam, twisted burlesque, steampunk and drag at Club Spank across various locations in Brighton & Hove.
Brighton Twisted Market Brighton Twisted Market is Brighton’s regular fetish market and after-party from 12pm to 11pm, come to shop and play with your new toys.