Twisted Market & Afterparty

Twisted Market & Afterparty


12:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Event Cost
£5.50 on the door or free as part of a weekend ticket

Bar Red- Expo and Market
19-23 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1TL, Brighton, View Map

Dress code: Any clothing is allowed, but undercarriages to be covered please. Kink/alt outfits are heartily encouraged.

Times: Market 12-6pm, Afterparty 7-11pm

The Sunday Brighton Twisted Market  is a time to relax, take things easy… well, until the infamous Afterparty.
We have traders eagerly waiting to show and sell their wares to you – ranging from photography to clothes; leather to impact and insertable toys, there is something for everyone – so don’t forget your wallet or that special someone to buy pretties for you.

Your Host, Tina Girliedyke,  also offers a meet and greet for the market between 12pm-1pm.

Tina Girlirdyke

Tina Girlirdyke


Deborah Fields

10325553_569622349814100_2723994076212860098_n copy

Deborah Fields of will be presenting a Q&A session along with a small presentation for healthy mental practises within the BDSM scene focussing on mental health around BDSM, the psychology of BDSM, issues and ways to deal with them.
She is a kink active therapist having been an active submissive herself for 33 years. Specialising in bdsm, eating disorders and anxiety she is a therapist that knows how to mix the worlds of mental health and kink and gel them together.
Deborah has done regular talks at the London Alternative Marlet, London fetish weekend; she has also done a KFS TV interview and appeared at Sexpo.
She is happy to accept any questions you have either on the day or if you wish to send her a question via her facebook page, email: or contact forum on her website she will prepare an answer for you and present it to the group at the workshop. Remember to include that your question is for Brighton Fetish Weekend.


Jacks Floggers

A varied collection of traders will be in attendance  including:

Jacks Floggers         Daisy’s Floggers          JujuJezebel        The Twisted Workshop

Dream Visions          Ouchie!          Painful Pleasures

Elektra UK          alphamuse          Simply Pleasure

Robin Stevenson          SadisticMassage          Bondatrix          Decadent Media

Brighton Alterntive Markets          Scrabble Craft          Steampunk Bazaar

Rae’s Jewellery

And more to be confirmed

Daisys Floggers


Your chance to unwind and chill with a drink or two while chatting with friends, or play to your heart’s content on the wide range of Brighton Twisted Markets very own dungeon equipment. There will be two House Dommes to assure your safety. The perfect time to try out those new toys, show off your wardrobe, wind down from the whole weekend and say goodbye to everyone with memories to last.

Dream Visions

Play area rules:

  • No penetration allowed
  • No blood play (incl. needle and blades) please
  • Please be courteous to other players and allow them time to cool down and clean off the equipment before taking over.
  • Please play by the “Safe, Sane, Consensual” adage. We have experienced Dungeon Monitors to help ensure play is safe.
  • No personal photography, we have in-house photographers for you to ask to take pictures. If you are caught taking pictures we hold the right to ask you to delete the image/s and leave we also hold the right to ban you from future events.
  • If you have any concerns at all about someone else’s play, please bring it to the the attention of the DM ( Scorpionic), the organiser (Tina Girliedyke) or a market team member and don’t get involved yourself.
  • We use the traffic light system as the house safewords. 

Green= everythings ok.
Amber = I’m not comfortable with this. Please do something else.
Red = STOP! End of play.

Other than that… please use your common sense.