Emergency 999: Club Spank Ball

Emergency 999: Club Spank Ball


09:00 PM - 03:00 AM

Event Cost
In advance £22, £25 on the door

Brighton Rugby Club Pavilion – Spank Ball
Waterhall Rd, Brighton BN1 8YR, Brighton, View Map

Dress code: No outfit / no effort = no entry. You don’t have to dress to our Emergency 999 theme, but your outfit should be along the lines of fetish, fantasy, uniform, gothic glam, burlesque, steampunk or drag. Please see CLUB SPANK for more details.

Our fabulous hostess for the night will be the charming and beautiful Ms KITTEN SKYE of Brighton play party Filth, who will meet the ‘Introduction to Kink’ group – Ms Skye is also your go-to person for information and guidance on the night.

Please note that spaces WILL be reserved this year for people to pay at the door, as online tickets will only be on sale until 2pm on the day.


For your intense pleasure and perversion, we offer you:

- Mesmerising military freak fire show from BEN X BODECKER;

- Surreal birth act and also a stunning walkabout performance as a latex Nurse you’d definitely want at your sickbed, by the astounding CYNTH (pictured above, photograph by Daniel Peace);

- Uber-dressy upbeat show involving the dangerous combination of latex, stapling and sparklers, from the queen of neo-burlesque MARNIE SCARLET (the model on this year’s Brighton Fetish Weekend poster);

- Stilt-walking army gal from the beautiful TWISTED NYMPH


We are very proud to have tempted Ben to perform for the VERY FIRST TIME IN BRIGHTON! Find out more about this extraordinary performer on Facebook or Instagram, not only is Ben a State of Bliss body piercer, fire-eating metalhead and Lucha Britannia luchador wrestler, but he also finds time to work as assistant manager of the London Resistance Gallery.


International heavy rubber model and fetish performer. Follow Cynth’s exciting perverted life of ultimate heavy rubber submission. Layers of luscious latex, tight hoods, breathplay, devastatingly high heels, tight laced crushing corsets, ballet heel training, dollification, pony play, puppy play, boot worship, public fetishwear, gas masks, mummification, total enclosure, hardcore punishment sessions, the bruises and the tears. From surreal costumes and glamorous fetishism to obedient submission and true masochism.


Renowned for her surreal shows and Larger than Life looks, Marnie will confuse, shock and tantalise. Marnie combines aspects of Cabaret with Drag and Burlesque, also throwing elements of fetish and performance art into the mix. A Freak of Nature, she embraces the light and worships the darkness, with both elements of comedy in her shows, as well having slightly sinister and morbid aspects to her acts. Some of her acts like poison Ivy and Voodoo Apocalypse incorporate stapling and body piercing and culminate in Marnie setting fire to sparklers connected to the piercings in her body. Marnie has performed all over the world at Fetish, cabaret, burlesque and club events, her unique style appealing to a wide  audiences. Beware – Marnie Scarlet will steal your heart and probably make a nice hat out of it!


One half of the exciting performance duo Bitter & Twisted, Twisted Nymph is a Brighton-based performer specialising in pole dance, aerial silk ropes, aerial hoop and contortion burlesque. Using character based dance combined with theatrical elements to outline a narrative, she transforms pole dancing from its perceived perspective to a more artistic and expressive dance form.

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MUSIC / DJ’sTINTIN (Shameless, Club Spank) getting your blood up with vocal funky house & sexy electro, BUZZ (Club Spank, Decadence, The House Asylum) wowing the crowd with pumping tribal house and filthy tech electro, and our superb guest DJ Irish Pete (Club Rub, Decadence, Subversion) knocking your socks off with honeyed vocal & banging house. 

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PHOTOGRAPHY: NO PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed in the club – if you are spotted taking pictures, you will be asked to leave. Our friendly in-house photographers Xavier Clarke and bn1boi will be roving the club but will ensure only people giving express permission are captured in all their glory. The photos taken are earmarked for this website (we never post on Facebook) and will be available for free download after the party.

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VENUE: Spank has EXCLUSIVE USE of the Waterhall Pavilion. There will be a staffed cloakroom for coats & bags – you will be permitted to change inside the venue if you can show your outfit to our door bitch and convince her you’ll get changed immediately.

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